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CABL™ Cable Trainer

CABL™ Cable Trainer

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CABL™ is here!

Visit any gym and try to use the Cable Machines. Good luck. They are the most versatile fitness apparatus, unrivaled and for good reason.

The extensive range of 100's of exercises made possible.

The immense opportunity for 1000's of creative movements as training techniques evolve.

The increased results returned from the given effort and time.

The simplicity to isolate primary and secondary muscles.

Cable Machines are the most holistic training equipment and give the best results. So, imagine this in the comfort of your own home?

What is CABL™?

CABL™ is the single-most compact cable machine for the home, apartment or studio setting.  Built to provide the equivalent of 16kg (35lbs), CABL™ delivers constant force across the entire range of movement.

Sleek. Efficient. Premium. Aesthetically designed and adapted to stylishly blend into any living space.

CABL™ provides the best possible option for those looking for a daily strength, function and muscle-toning solution. Activate unlimited workout combinations easily with this best-in-class resistance trainer.

The multi-award winning CABL™ Cable Trainer is proudly designed and distributed by ADAPT (Adapt Fit Pty Ltd).  Start seeing real results you want, transform your fitness with CABL™ today!


CABL™ Cable Trainer features:

6 Weight Settings ranging 3kg-16kg (6.5lb-35lb)
9 Height Positions across 1.5m (5ft)
Cable Extension of 1.4m (4.6ft)
170° Rotating Swivel Exit Pulleys
Auto-lock Height Lever
Quick-turn Weight Dial
Patented Resistance System

CABL™ Cable Trainer includes:

CABL™ Cable Trainer Unit
Three Piece 1.5m Wall Track
Two Handed Rope Attachment
Ankle Strap Attachment
Handle Grip Attachment
CABL™ User Guide
CABL™ QR Scan Card to Exercise Videos
CABL™ Wall Track Installation Pack including Screws and Drill Bit for all wall types


Product information:

Product Weight:  3.4kg (7.5lbs)
Wall Track Weight:  2kg (4.5lbs)
ISO, EN and ASTM certified
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