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What are the weights available?

The CABL™ product has a weight range of 3kg to 16kg (5 lbs to 35 lbs). However, this is not directly comparable to standard weights. The Pat. Pend. technology delivers weight as a challenging Constant Force. With the CABL™ product you are actually working much harder each rep than with traditional weight machines or free weights.

Where do you ship to?

ADAPT ships all products globally.

Estimated delivery times:
AU / US / CA 1 - 3 days
EU / UK / Int 3 - 5 days

What is the warranty?

The CABL™ product includes a 12mth warranty. For any warranty queries please contact support@adaptfit.co

Where should I install the CABL™ product?

The Wall Track needs a flat surface to install to, on either a structural wall or stud. The CABL™ product is primarily designed for indoor usage, so think a spare room, office, living room or a garage/basement. You can also install the Wall Track outside as long as you don't leave the CABL™ unit exposed to weather, so ideally an outside undercover location.

Is installing the Wall Track difficult?

The Wall Track comes with detailed installation instructions to guide the process, and takes approx. 15-30mins. If you're not confident, we suggest using a professional or someone with a good skill level.

Can I leave the CABL™ product on the Wall Track between exercises?

Yes! There are no mechanical or quality issues from leaving the CABL™ product on the wall track. In fact, we think that it increases the chance of you exercising more often! We do encourage people with young children to ensure that the CABL™ unit is not accessible which includes judgement of removing the CABL™ unit from the Wall Track for storage, or positioning the CABL™ unit at the top height of the Wall Track at end of use. You should not leave the CABL™ unit in the reversed (upside down) position for extended periods.

Is the CABL™ product for everyone?

Yes! The CABL™ product is an extremely versatile strength product suited for all identities over the age of 16yrs.

Will the Wall Track damage my wall? Can I remove it?

The CABL™ product and Wall Track if used properly will not damage your wall. The installation of the Wall Track will require drilling small screw-holes (not bolt-sized) in the plaster or wall surface. This will not damage the wall and can be filled and painted like any screw hole on a wall. The Wall Track can be removed at any time by removing the screws.

What happens if I have an issue?

Please email support@adaptfit.co and we will assess the issue and how we can efficiently assist. The CABL™ product includes a 12 month warranty.

Are there any additional costs or taxes to pay during delivery?

For International orders there may be taxes in your local jurisdiction that we are unable to calculate at the time of purchase. We understand that the CABL™ product will be assessed under the tax threshold for many countries like most International purchases. Please be aware that if there is a state or local tax that is charged then the purchaser is responsible for paying this.

How do I check my delivery?

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